Postpartum Doulas

Amy Flores
Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Health Coach

Serving and leading as a military officer for over a decade helped Amy develop, not only a great work ethic, but a passion for helping others. After giving birth to her second child, she hung up her boots, so to say, and committed to pursuing her heart’s true passion…helping others change their lives by taking a holistic approach to health! Amy arrived at the profession of health coach and birth doula after her own journey to motherhood led her there. She struggled most of her adult life with an auto-immune condition that was wreaking havoc on both her physical and mental well being; a condition that only intensified with each pregnancy. Through study and diligent application of holistic nutrition, Amy was able to take control of her life. No longer was each day a struggle to survive—she was thriving and wanted others to feel the same. Amy offers health coaching services tailored to clients experiencing a transition to motherhood, be it physical wellness preparation for pregnancy, personal training and nutritional guidance throughout pregnancy, and/or the adjustment to postpartum body and family wellness. It is a program for those wishing to create change in their life, health, relationships, and beyond. In conjunction with facilitating a woman’s physical wellness needs, Amy is passionate about being a birth doula and believes irrevocably in the power of birth to completely transform and empower a woman. Amy’s foremost goal is to make the birth a positive milestone for the mother and her family. Amy is blessed to be the mother of three children, ages four and under, and wife to an amazing Army Officer. When she’s not helping birthing mothers or leading her local non-profit Mom’s group, Amy enjoys cooking, reading, walking their family mastiff, and training for her black belt in Ju Ki Do.

Beth Hawkins
Doula, Bradley Natural Childbirth Educator

Beth Hawkins has been supporting her friends and family members during labor since 2005, the year the first of her two wonderful children was born. Her own experience of a wonderful birth with a midwife led her to want others to have a birth that they will cherish and remember fondly. Beth became a certified DONA Birth Doula in 2014, and is currently working towards her bereavement doula certification to help families cope with the loss of their child, and she is in training to become a lactation counselor. Beth and her husband own a small Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goat farm, where she and her children, born in 2005 & 2009, doula for the nannies every year—the easiest of doula jobs! As the former director and current chaplain of a small preschool in Comfort, Beth gets to enjoy watching some of the babies she doula-ed for grow up! Beth says that there is nothing like that moment a baby is born and all is right with the world—it’s truly magnificent! Beth lives outside of Boerne, where she teaches Bradley® Method of Natural Childbirth classes. She will travel to San Antonio and anywhere in the Hill Country to doula.

Beth Sims
Doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Beth Sims is a mother to three amazing children and wife to a super cool guy. She has been practicing as a Doula for the last 8 years and has attended over 100 births and served dozens of families as a Postpartum Doula. Beth is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. She was drawn to become a Doula after the birth of her second child, a VBAC that was attended by an amazing Doula. After appreciating what a gift a great Doula is, it became obvious she wanted to gift that to other women.
Over the years Beth has learned that it isn’t the type of birth a woman has that defines satisfaction in her birth experience, it is whether that woman felt her voice was heard and her choices respected that brings satisfaction. Beth is a straight talking Doula who is very honest about the challenges faced in childbirth. She also really enjoys assisting partners so they can better support the laboring mother and preparing them on the challenges they will face watching their loved one on her journey to motherhood. Beth believes, as a Doula, she serves the entire family managing the adjustment of bringing a new life into their unique family.
Beth is a founding member of Viva Doulas. She served on the board for 3 years and is proud to be a part of such an amazing group of women. Please call, text or email Beth for availability in her schedule.

Bethany Cain
Doula, Babywearing Specialist

Bethany Cain is mama to three beautiful children. She has been a doula since 2012, shortly after the birth of her second. She has become a passionate champion of babywearing since becoming a mother: she is a Certified Babywearing Educator (Babywearing Institute) and a Volunteer Babywearing Educator for the local Babywearing International chapter. She has personal and professional experience in home and hospital settings, and high-risk pregnancies and births. She works closely with her mom and business partner, Toni Cadena. Call Bethany at 210-445-6488 to inquire about birth, postpartum, babywearing or cloth diapering services.

Linda Walsh
Rebecca Edgin Harrington
Doula, Childbirth Educator

Rebecca began her motherhood journey as a single mama striving to earn her bachelor’s degree with a toddler in tow. Her personal experience made me feel both edified in her personal abilities and deeply aware that all mothers need support from a community, especially from other women providing hands-on care with perspective and empathy. With the love and never-ending support from her family, Rebecca earned her B.A. from UTSA in Anthropology and went on to graduate school focusing on maternal and infant health and the anthropology of gender, reproduction, motherhood, breastfeeding, and birth. In graduate school, she fell head-over-heels in love with her husband (a handsome guy researching primates) and welcomed another beautiful daughter into their family. Her intellectual interests combined with her applied sensibilities when Rebecca completed an internship, and later obtained a permanent position as a long-term advocate and parenting educator for teens and young mothers with a local non-profit organization. During her time as a case worker, she found that she excelled at serving new mothers and growing families experiencing all of the changes pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period can bring. Her transition to full-time doula work has been a perfect fit! Rebecca can provide in-depth, personalized, holistic support to each family and watch them thrive and become empowered within themselves during their birth and transition to parenthood. She sees sharing the birth experience with families as a complete privilege and is grateful for the 50 (plus) families that have chosen her to be their birth journey companion. She is amazed by all of the women that have shown her so much strength, vulnerability, and beauty bringing their new babes earthside and blooming into mothers. Rebecca is a Certified DONA doula and Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula. Please call or text at 210-323-1702

Ruth Castillo Dean
Doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Car Seat Safety Specialist

Ruth is a trained birth doula with an interest in supporting families through the full spectrum of reproductive needs; her goal is to help every mama birth in an aura of love and respect. Ruth offers private childbirth education classes; baby shower/mother blessing planning and hostessing; and antenatal, labor and postpartum doula support services. She has a special interest in working with mamas diagnosed with diabetes as she has lived with a Type II Diabetes diagnosis since her teen years. Ruth currently has availability through October 2015. You can follow Ruth’s blog at or follow her on Facebook at

Susan Allick

Susan Allick is a United States Air Force retiree, who received her Bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University. She has birthed four children without pain medication in four different countries (first one pitocin induced). She has 17 grandchildren; and has been supporting and assisting moms with the birthing process for 8 years. She is a certified birth doula with DONA, CAPPA and Hypnobabies. She is a volunteer with Operation Special Delivery (OSD) providing free Doula service to those military wives whose spouses are deployed. She also works with San Antonio Birth Doulas, a non-profit organization providing free birth support for teens and low-income women, during their pregnancy and birthing time. She serves women who choose to birth in hospitals, birth centers or in the comfort of their own homes in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Tina Castellanos
Doula, Bradley Natural Childbirth Educator, Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), La Leche League Leader

Tina’s journey into birth work started after she became a Mother in 1996. Tina began working to empower mothers and families in 1999 when she became a La Leche League Leader. Through her work as a La Leche League Leader she has assisted thousands of families in getting their first weeks and months off to a great start. Tina’s love of working with mothers, babies and families led her to her career as a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Consultant. Tina is a Bradley® Natural Childbirth Educator teaching classes weekly. She continues to work with LLL leading a local group and also sitting on the Council of LLL USA. Tina serves the San Antonio area as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant through her work with The MILC Group.

Tina’s greatest accomplishment by far is being the mother of three fantastic children! Her children range from college aged to middle school and they are each special and unique in their passions and future goals.

Tina feels honored to be welcomed into the most important experiences that a family will ever have…the birth of their children. It brings her amazing joy to work with so many families and she is awed each time she watches a new life come into this world.

Tina is always working to further her education and was Voted Best Doula in San Antonio in the San Antonio Current.

Toni Cadena

I am a birth and postpartum doula trained by DONA. I am comfortable attending medicated as well as non-medicated births and support a mother’s right to choose her birth path and follow it. I have had 4 unmedicated births and am a grandparent of 7. I have breastfed all of my children and am an advocate for breastfeeding. I also am happy to provide information on cloth diapering and babywearing. I enjoy all aspects of child bearing and rearing. I am bilingual English/Spanish

Valerie Lopez
Doula, Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

As a labor and postpartum doula, Valerie Lopez serves families who are planning a home birth, hospital birth, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), or a scheduled cesarean birth. She enjoys working with Certified Professional Midwives, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Obstetricians. Each woman and family is unique and has different hopes and desires for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. She works with women to design a plan and goals that best suits the mother and her family. You have your goals and she helps you meet them.

Valerie has served families since 2008. During pregnancy, each client has unlimited access to her. During the birth, the mother and her partner have her full support in whatever capacity the couple desires. After the birth, she helps the mother and partner navigate breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, newborn care, and help the family transition to this new life smoothly.

As a person, Valerie is known to be knowledgeable, nurturing, and hilarious. Prior to working with families as a doula and childbirth educator, she was a high school dance director and teacher in the public school system. Valerie married her husband, Salvador, in 2004, while he was serving in the Navy. They have four incredibly vibrant children. Salvador and Valerie have lived in different cities in the U.S. while having and raising their children. While she is grateful for her many experiences living in Charleston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft.Worth, and Houston, she is proud to call San Antonio home.

To contact Valerie about taking a Birth Boot Camp® Childbirth Class or to schedule a free consultation for labor and/or postpartum doula services, visit, Alamo City Birth on Facebook, call or text at (210) 396-2754.

Yvette Hernandez
Doula, Lamaze Childbirth Educator

Yvette, a native of San Antonio, is a proud mother to two amazing children, Derek (14) and Makayla (10). She has been a Birth and Postpartum Doula for the past 7 years during which she was the assistant director of San Antonio Birth Doulas. Mothers speak highly of her ability of bringing calm to an intense situation with her strong verbal skills, of using physical manipulations to help encourage the body to open more effectively, and of creatively incorporating partners in the process. She also highly skilled in many rebozo techniques. Outside from being a Doula, Yvette also teaches childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care classes at St. Luke’s Baptist hospital. When not caring for her children and supporting families during labor, you can find Yvette caring for her mind and body cycling all around Bexar county up to 30 miles a day.